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The Kingdom of The Three Crowns

The Kingdom of The Three Crowns campaign setting is an attempt to recreate the tensions and feeling of the Cold War in a late Medieval/early Renaissance fantasy campaign setting. Adventures take place on the island continent Eshela. To the northwest lie the goblinoid lands. Cold, brutish, and economically and technologically stilted, the goblinoid races nevertheless persevere under harsh conditions guided by the iron hand of a monolithic government that imposes strict controls on every aspect of life and tolerates no insurrection. To the southeast lies the Kingdom of the Three Crowns, an uneasy alliance of seven racially, culturally, and politically diverse nations, bound together under a single ruler in an act of self-preservation so that they could survive the goblinoid invasion. These nations enjoy riches and technological innovation, but chafe at surrendering their autonomy and governments to a foreign leader who is seen as weak and unlikely to hold the nations together in the face of a new invasion. All that divides the goblinoid North from the humanoid South is a natural barrier in the form of an imposing mountain range.

The Kingdom of the Three Crowns was once seven independent nations that were unified 30 years ago as a result of the Goblinoid wars. Prior to the Goblinoid wars, the seven nations were:

The human Kingdom of Atren
The human Kingdom of Trias
The human Kingdom of The Isles of The Broken Wyrm
The dwarven Kingdom of Dhurn Boram
The Elven kingdom of Ravalen
The gnomish nation of Rebinziss
The Halfling Confederacy

The Kingdom of the Three Crowns is currently governed by the child queen Elena, who has ruled since she was only six years old and today is only 13. The nation is a product of an uneasy wartime alliance and its ruler is weak. The alliance could fracture at any time and the nation could fall to ruin. All that holds it together it the threat of renewed hostilities from the Orcs with whom the nation finds itself in a cold war. The cold war is fought primarily through espionage and economic maneuvering as both sides suffered great losses and neither seems interested in a resumption of open hostilities. However, open war is never more than a single miscalculation away.

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