The War and The Winnowing and The Purge

Following his defeat at the hands of Thearch Victoria of Trias and her warlord Katayun, the Atzerriko Antarch known as The Forgotten King fled north into the Valley of Knives. The Atzerriko had long consorted with extra-planar beings and waged war on their neighbors through the raising of the dead and with the aid of demons and devils, but crushed and humiliated by the inferior forces of Trias and facing execution if caught, The Forgotten King delved deep into forbidden lore that even the other Antarchs had feared to disturb. The exact details of The Forgotten King’s rituals are lost to the purge, but it is known that he performed a great ritual known today only as The Blasphemy and that he was born anew as Malnur the Betrayer.

Malnur was a being of incredible power and somehow managed to either trap, enslave, or prevent from entering the mortal realms the Traveler. Without the Traveler to escort their souls beyond the veil, the dead did not die. Rather, upon their death, their souls became the property of Malnur. Their bodies rose to serve in his army. But unlike the dead raised by the Antrachs in wars gone by, destruction of bodies of the dead merely freed their souls to serve Malnur as much more powerful poltergeists.

It is not known exactly how victory against Malnur was achieved. It is known however that Facing the extinction of all life, all the people’s of the known world united together, and that orcs fought alongside instead of against humans and dwarves. The dragons and giants came from out of the wilds to aid in the war of life against death. It is also known that the wizards developed rare and forbidden magics that permitted them to trap souls in magical artifacts, and that the gods granted the clerical caste the forbidden knowledge that permitted them to destroy souls that could not be trapped or pas beyond the veil. Finally, it is believed that the elven people were born of a pact made between humans and the Fey in an attempt to raise an army capable of standing against Malnur.

The War and The Winnowing saw the extinguishing of more than half the sentient life in the world, with much of that life destroyed so thoroughly that nothing remained to pass beyond the veil after the fall of Malnur. The wound left by the war afflicted all living beings and was not merely physical, but spiritual. It is not known how they came to this decision, but the rulers of every realm agreed to enact a policy known as The Purge.

All written records from before the fall of Malnur were to be gathered and destroyed. Great tomes of spells and histories and of religious rituals were burnt or ground into dust. the artifacts crafted during the war to trap or destroy souls were similarly destroyed. To this day, every realm including the orc realms observe the purge, mandating the destruction of any pre-Purge writings that may be discovered and the execution of any individual found to be secreting away any such forbidden knowledge.

Even the calendars were destroyed. The modern reckoning of the years begins with the year 0, the year that Malnur fell.

The War and The Winnowing and The Purge

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